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Taking steps towards a better environment!


Discover Our Green Efforts!

New Packaging

UK has always led the way in producing the world’s brightest, most efficient flashlights. Now, we’ve applied the same forward-thinking to our products and packaging.

UK’s new earthy-friendly blister packaging uses 70% less plastic, and features a fully recyclable cardboard exterior. We’ve also switched from PVC plastic, to PET plastic. It’s better for the earth and can be recycled.


More Recycled Materials

In addition to this new blister, we are proud to report that we also use 70% recycled papers for all of our corrugated product boxes! The Earth Friendly logo on most of our packaging will ensure you that we're doing our small part in helping our environment!


Thinking Smarter

Our blister packs aren't the only earth-friendly idea we've had, our HangAir Hanger is made of 100% recycled plastics!

Using Less

In an effort to reduce our clean water usage, our facility in Poway, CA utilizes recycled water to maintain the landscaping. In addition, our factory area is designed with skylights to reduce energy consumption and provide a better work environment for our employees.