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Twin Lamp Shuttle

Twin Lamp Shuttle

Allows for Backup Bulb

Ever have the bulb in your dive light  burn out during a dive, then have to return to the boat, open the light and make a replacement?

With UK’s Twin Lamp Shuttle, you can immediately switch to a backup bulb without ever leaving the water! The locking rotary switch makes it easy to select the new bulb and keep it in place.

In rechargeable models, this feature is designed with one bulb serving as a low beam and the other as a high beam. Use the low power setting and get more burn time out of your light, or switch to high power for a higher-intensity beam.

The Twin-Lamp Shuttle is just one of the many innovative features that make UK dive lights the most technically advanced lights in the world!Twin Lamps

Twin Lamp Shuttle

Lights That Use This Technology