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UK Proprietary Metal - Hydralloy

UK created its own custom alloy which we call Hydralloy for our diving knives. Previously, there was not a commerically available stainless steel which had a combination of being hard enough to maintain an edge, tough, yet stiff enough for prying, and did not rust in salt water.

Our constant quest for perfection lead us to have custom mill runs of our proprietary steel formula which not only has different alloy content but a different heat treating process than other dive knives. One would not think there would be a big difference in testing dive knives, but there is huge one between ours and other makes. UK's cut signifigantly better than any other brand through a variety of different material while having higher prying strength without bending or breaking while still being corrosion free.

Hydralloy Knife


Knives That Use This Technology