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Lights > UK4AA Xenon Tail Switch (ATEX)

UK4AA Xenon Tail Switch (ATEX)

Our 4AA lights are not only our best sellers, but the biggest selling certified 4AA lights in the world. The 4AA Xenon Tail Switch matches high performance with a sleek, compact design that can be operated with gloves. A xenon bulb provides vibrant color clarity.  It is the most reliable, cost-effective flashlight you’ll ever own.

This fully accessorized worklight can be mounted on a hard hat or fire helmet, carried in a belt pouch or used to direct traffic. A necessity for confined space workers, utilities, municipalities, firefighters, safety inspectors, etc.

  • 2.1 watt high brightness xenon filled lamp
  • Rubber sheath molded over bezel to reduce glare and improve impact resistance (passes UL 30 ft drop to concrete test)
  • Push-button tail switch 
  • Prefocused high intensity spot beam
  • New easy loading drop-in battery compartment for quick reload of batteries
  • Hydrogen scrubber catalyst, polarized battery contacts and 0-psi vent minimize explosive risk from leaking batteries
  • Tough, non-corroding ABS and polycarbonate plastic construction
  • Proudly made in the USA

Battery: 4 x Duracell MN1500/PC1500, Energizer E91/EN91 or Rayovac AL-AA/815 1.5V alkaline AA-cells. Although other types of batteries may work in this light, they have not been rated for use in hazardous locations.

Dimensions (L W H): 6.10 in x 1.60 in x 1.40 in
15.49 cm x 4.06 cm x 3.56 cm
Lights Subcategory: Hands-Free Lights / Certified
Battery Type: Alkaline Disposable
Lamp Type: XENON
Battery Description: 4AA Alkaline / LR6
Burn Time (Alkaline): 4-5 hrs
Light Output (Alkaline): 38 lm
Weight: 5.50 oz
155.92 g
Beam Distance: 440.00 ft
134.11 m
Enclosure Protection: IP67
Depth Rating: 10.00 ft
3.05 m
  • ATEX
ATEX standards
Zone 2 Certifications for Zone 1 include Zone 2
Zone 1 SEV 08 ATEX 0164
II 2G Ex e ib IIC T4
II 2D Ex ibD 21 T98°C
(Download EC Examination Certificate listed under Documentation)
UK Part # Description NSN #
14316 UK4AA-ET Xenon (ATEX), Tail Switch, Black
14321 UK4AA-ET Xenon (ATEX), Tail Switch, Safety Yellow

For ordering information, please refer to the stock numbers and contact UK Sales directly at 858.513.9100 ext. 244, or email us at

UK Part # Description NSN # Price Add to
14801 Lamp/Reflector, 4AA Xenon 6230-01-559-3412 $19.99 Add to Cart
14814 Bezel Assembly, 4AA Xenon $11.99 Add to Cart
14815 O-Ring 4AA/Mini Q40/3AA/Nitex Pro $3.99 Add to Cart
14816 Nylon Belt Pouch, 4AA/3AA $17.99 Add to Cart
14819 Universal Helmet Clip, 4AA/3AA/2AA 6230-01-440-0447 $19.99 Add to Cart
14843 Nylon Pocket Clip (Pack of 10) $49.99 Add to Cart
14857 Metal Pocket Clip (Pack of 10) Add to Cart
14856 Metal Pocket Clip (1) Add to Cart
14872 Lamp/Reflector, 4AA Xenon (Bulk 10 Pack of #14801) $96.99 Add to Cart
14864 Helmet Clip 4AA/3AA, Gallet F1 S/SA/SL/RT/E, Gallet F2 (for European Style Helmets)
14865 Helmet Clip 4AA/3AA, Gallet F1 S/SA (for European Style Helmets)
14866 Helmet Clip 4AA/3AA, DIN 14940 (for European Style Helmets)
14867 Helmet Clip 4AA/3AA, Rosenbauer HEROS I/II/GFK (for European Style Helmets)
14869 Helmet Clip 4AA/3AA, SCHUBERTH F200/F210 ST (for European Style Helmets)
14870 Helmet Clip 4AA/3AA, GALLET F2X-TREM (for European Style Helmets)
14871 Helmet Clip 4AA/3AA, DRÄGER HPS 6100 (for European Style Helmets)
14876 Helmet Clip 4AA/3AA, GALLET F1 SF (for European Style Helmets) 5340-99-874-3272
14877 Traffic Director Wand - 4AA/Nitex Pro 6230-01-440-0457 $12.99 Add to Cart
14868 Helmet Clip 4AA/3AA, Schuberth F200/F210 GR (for European Style Helmets)
14882 Helmet Clip 4AA/3AA, CROMWELL F600 (for European Style Helmets)
14883 Helmet Clip 4AA/3AA, UNIVERSAL (ADHESIVE ATTACHMENT) (for European Style Helmets)

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