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Lights > UK4AA eLED Zoom Front Switch (CL I Div 2)

UK4AA eLED Zoom Front Switch (CL I Div 2)

Firefighters and industrial workers all over the world trust UK’s 4AA eLED® Zoom flashlight to get the job done. It can be easily attached to a hardhat or helmet for superior hands-free illumination. Our unique zoom feature uses patented projection optics to create a consistent beam that can be focused from wide to narrow by twisting the bezel.

  • Projection Optics let you zoom with a twist of the bezel from a wide beam to an intense spot
  • Single high-intensity 2-watt LED lasts for thousands of hours and will not break when dropped.
  • Unique eLED circuitry maintains constant brighness for 80% of alkaline battery life
  • Rubber sheath molded over bezel to reduce glare and improve impact resistance (passes 6 ft drop to concrete test)
  • Push-button thumb switch switches light between ON/OFF and high/low intensity with continuous or momentary action
  • New easy loading drop-in battery compartment for quick reload of batteries
  • Hydrogen scrubber catalyst, polarized battery contacts and 0-psi vent minimize explosive risk from leaking batteries
  • Tough, electrically non-conductive, non-corroding ABS and polycarbonate plastic construction.
  • Mounts on all work helmets with accessory mounting clips
  • Proudly made in the USA

Battery: 4 x Duracell MN1500/PC1500, Energizer E91/EN91 or Rayovac AL-AA/815 1.5 V alkaline AA-cells. Although other types of batteries may work in this light, they have not been rated for use in hazardous locations.

Dimensions (L W H): 6.70 in x 1.60 in x 1.40 in
17.02 cm x 4.06 cm x 3.56 cm
Lights Subcategory: Hands-Free Lights / Certified
Battery Type: Alkaline Disposable
Lamp Type: eLED
Battery Description: 4 AA Alkaline / LR6
Burn Time (Alkaline): 4-5 hrs
Light Output (Alkaline): 77 lm (high) / 35 lm (low)
Weight: 6.20 oz
175.77 g
Beam Distance: 328.00 ft
99.97 m
Enclosure Protection: IP67
Depth Rating: 10.00 ft
3.05 m
  • UL
  • Class I Div 2
UK4AA-AS2ZM Right Angle eLED Zoom
AMERICAN standards
UL (US, Canada) Approved
CL I, DIV 2, GP A, B, C, D, CL II, DIV 2 GP F, G, CL III, DIV 2 T4

For ordering information, please refer to the stock numbers and contact UK Sales directly at 858.513.9100 ext. 244, or email us at

UK Part # Description NSN # Price Add to
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14818 Stainless Steel Adjustable Helmet Clip, 4AA/3AA (for American Style Helmets) 8470-01-539-2139 $21.99 Add to Cart
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14856 Metal Pocket Clip (1) $12.99 Add to Cart
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UK Part # Description NSN #
14502 UK4AA-AS2ZM (CL I Div 2), Front Switch, Black
14506 UK4AA-AS2ZM (CL I Div 2), Front Switch, Safety Yellow

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