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Accessories > Helmet Clip 4AA/3AA, Universal (Adhesive Attachment)

Helmet Clip 4AA/3AA, Universal (Adhesive Attachment)

Any helmet can be adapted for hands free lighting using this adhesive mounted helmet clip and a UK4AA or 3AA hight intensity light

  • Permits hands-free lighting
  • Allows full functioning of the light with gloved hands
  • Adhesive pad attaches to a smooth area on either side of any fire helmet which does not have an attachment point for a helmet clip
  • Gives 1 hour exposure time for extreme heat
  • Swivels up and down for light beam positioning
  • Does not alter or damage helmet
  • Made from nonbreakable plastic resin and stainless steel
  • Only available from our German office
Accessories: European Style Helmet Clips
UK Part # Description NSN #
14883 Helmet Clip 4AA/3AA, UNIVERSAL (ADHESIVE ATTACHMENT) (for European Style Helmets)

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