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Aqualite Pro 100°

Add Professional Lighting to Your Photos and Videos        View

All Aqualite Pro 100 lights now come with the Aqualite Travel Grip. A folding, collapsible camera tray that can hold up to two Aqualite Pro lights as well as any compact underwater camera, this is a premium accessory for a great video light. 

Folding Travel Grip for Great Constant Fill Lighting Underwater

At a killer 1200 lumens, the Aqualite Pro will knock your socks off! A perfect low-profile light for underwater photography and videography, the Aqualite Pro 100° produces a smooth wide angle beam that evenly lights up a subject. Great for wide angle cameras like the GoPro. With four power settings that are easily toggled with one hand using the rear switch, it's a very flexible light for any circumstance.

The light comes with three included photo mounts for added flexibility in mounting. A ball mount that integrates with ball joint style photo arms, and two GoPro-compatible mounts that also work with the UKPro line of accessories.

Fish and invertebrates hiding under ledges and holes often receive little ambient sunlight and require additional lighting for underwater videos to come to life. Lighting the foreground with daylight colored Aqualite illumination while allowing the delicate blues and greens of the open water background to fade into the depths can produce prize winning videos.



Aqualite Travel Grip Folding Underwater Camera Tray GoPro Travel Underwater Scuba Tray Filming

       The Aqualite Travel Grip - a Perfect Traveling Underwater Camera Tray

Aqualite Pro 20°

Versatile Hands-Free Dive Light        View

A very powerful option for a primary dive light, the Aqualite Pro 20° has plenty of power at a maximum of 750 lumens while fitting in the palm of your hand. Delivered with an included hands-free wrist mount that further releases your hands for other tasks. Four power settings are easily toggled on the tail switch, with a maximum battery duration of a 12 hours on the low setting.

The narrow 20° spot beam reduces backscatter and makes for a great camera housing spot focusing light. Ideal as a primary dive light due to its brightness, compact size and narrow beam angle.


Interchangeable Lamp Heads

Tailor the Light to Fit Your Dive
Pack three lights in the space of one by selecting from three versatile lamp heads. The Aqualite Pro is fully configurable with your choice of the most appropriate lamp heads for your needs, or pack all three the get the most from your dive trip. A 100° wide angle beam perfect for photography and underwater videography, a 20° primary dive head, or the stunning 90° UV head for a truly colorful dive. Made from UK's proprietary corrosion resistant HYDRALUMTM alloy.

Aqualite Dial

Aqualite Pro 20° Spot

Narrow concentrated beam is perfect for use as a primary dive light or a camera housing spot focusing light. Compatible with all Aqualite models. (750 lumens with Aqualite Pro, 500 lumens with Aqualite-S or Classic)

Aqualite Mount

Aqualite Pro 100° Wide

Smooth, wide-angle beam is ideal for photo or video. Works well with wide angle camera lenses and GoPro, Compatible with all Aqualite models (1200 lumens with Aqualite Pro, 500 lumens with Aqualite-S or Classic)

Aqualite Charger

Aqualite 90° Wide 395-Ultra Violet

Great for night diving, the UV lamp head reveals fluorescent colors of many sponges and corals. Smooth, wide-angle beam is ideal for photo and video. Works well with weide angle camera lenses and GoPro. Compatible with all Aqualite models. For more info on UV click here.

Aqualite Dial

Adjustable Power

The brightness can be stepped up from 300 to 1200 lumens in 4 levels (full, 60%,  40%, 25%) using the rear power dial. The 4 step adjustment in brightness gives you the opportunity to control the brightness of highlights and shadows with studio type lighting. Or, just dial down the power to 300 lumens on the low setting and it'll go for up to 12 hours as a focusing light. Also included is a new SOS feature, which begins blinking when rapidly dialing up and down the power settings.

Aqualite Mount

¼-20 Mounts

Mounting the Aqualite Pro® to your camera rig is easy. UK provides two ¼-20 threaded screw holes (1.2 inches apart) on the side of the light which allow it to be connected to almost any ball joint or flexible photo arm on the market. The arm makers all have adapters for this type of attachment.

Aqualite Charger

USB Charger

Power is supplied by a rechargeable lithium ion battery which is charged from any USB power outlet or the included wall adapter.