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The New Aqualite Dive Pole Kits

How to Elevate Your GoPro Diving Videos

Aqualite Dive Pole Kits are carbon fiber poles that enable mounting of Aqualite photo/video lights and an action camera. The pole mount is designed to be lightweight and easy to operate underwater. This is accomplished with the use of the carbon fiber material, which is light and durable, as well as the neutral buoyancy foam piece that makes diving with the right easy.  

Aqualite Pro Kit Video Lighting Underwater in Cozumel

The kits are offered in three varieties - Kit 1, Kit 2, and Kit 4. Each kit can accommodate one camera, as well as 1, 2, or 4 lights. 

This is the ultimate way to get your GoPro, or other action camera closer to sea life, into crevices or wrecks and under cliffs. It also helps film on the ocean floor so you don't kick up the silt on the bottom that could otherwise make your shot murky.

Learn about the Aqualite Pro and Aqualite-S lights. The lights are sold separately.


Aqualite Dive Pole Kit 1

Aqualite Dive Pole Kit Underwater Neutral Photo Rig

The Lightweight Kit View

A single light mounts onto the Dive Pole Kit 1, making it the lightest and smallest option of the dive kits.

The carbon fiber pole has a high-visibility rubber grip, making it easy to find even if dropped. It also comes with a standard wrist lanyard that keeps the pole safely in hand during your dive. 

Carbon fiber as a material has many advantages. It is extremely lightweight, but with the strenght of steel. The material is extremely durable, and importantly for diving use it is also non-corrosive. Our carbon fiber poles are the absolute world standard for underwater camera poles.

Aqualite Dive Pole Kit 2

Aqualite Dive Pole Kit 2 Neutral Lighting Rig for Scuba Diving

Two Lights and a Camera Kit View

The two light kit gives twice as much light, also helpfully spreading the light further to take full advantage of the wide angle action camera lenses. A single Aqualite Pro 100° photo/video light puts out a brilliant 1200 lumens, giving ample coverage for most conditions.

The pole kit is easy to handle underwater, keeping neutral buoyancy down to 100 feet. Reach closer to skittish sea creatures, get great angles inside ship wreck through port holes or into crevices that no one else can get a view of.

Aqualite Dive Pole Kit 4

Aqualite Pole Dive Kit Photography Rig The Ultimate Underwater GoPro Kit View

Made specifically for diving use, the Pole Kit 4 is the ultimate solution for underwater photography or videography.

Use up to four Aqualite photo lights to get maximum lighting coverage of your subject. Mount any GoPro, or another action camera like the Sony cam to the neutral buoyancy foam piece, and get footage no one else in your group can get.

Reach places unseen by others, and get great footage of fish sitting on the bottom without kicking up silt when getting into position.

The Aqualite Dive Pole Kits are the highest standard for GoPro diving footage.

Aqualite Dial

Aqualite Pro 100

Powerful wide beam is great for photo/video use. Adjustable power for the perfect lighting at the perfect time.

Aqualite Mount

Aqualite-S 90

Smooth, wide-angle beam is ideal for photo or video. Works well with wide angle camera lenses like GoPro.

Aqualite Charger

Aqualite-S UV-395

Great for night diving, the UV lamp head reveals fluorescent colors of many sponges and corals. Smooth, wide-angle beam is ideal for photo and video. Works well with wide angle camera lenses and GoPro. For more info on UV click here.