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Vizion I Headlamp


Aqualite Video

UK Cases

UK products are built to experience your most extreme adventures.

We at UK are a little jealous of our products. They have participated in the world’s greatest climbs, sailed oceans, witnessed awe-inspiring views after monumental treks, and traveled to the most remote places on the planet.

We design our products ultra-rugged so you can take them anywhere you wish to explore, be it 500 feet underwater or the harshest subfreezing climates. At UK, our aim is to enhance every journey.
Selecting a dive light

VIZION™ Headlamp

Packed full of features, the rugged 3AAA eLED® Vizion™ Headlamp offers hands-free lighting for every activity.

CPO Optics

Even Below Zero

UK's new Thermal Recovery System (TRS) technology uses recycled heat from the eLED® to warm the batteries which increases their run time.

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The UltraBox™

The ultimate protection for small items and equipment, the UltraBox™ meets the needs of the Outdoor Enthusiast.

Super Q eLED Rechargeable

The Super Q®

The Super Q® eLED® Rechargeable is perfect to take with you because of it amazingly compact size, very long burn time, and penetrating beam.

UK Cases

UK Cases

With all UK Cases, you get the utmost protection for your digital cameras, GPS systems and important medical, safety and rescue gear.

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UK Hangers

Ultra-strong Hangers and our unique HangAir® Drying System–for storing and drying your gear.

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