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UK Industrial Hands Free Lights

GatorLite 3C eLED

UK Industrial Cases

UK Industrial Lights

When you require the ultimate in reliability and indestructible design, count on UK.

Our certified industrial lights are the premiere tools of the trade for contractors, utility workers, water departments, maintenance crews, and anyone else who has to battle low light environments and unpredictable conditions as part of the job. Our protective cases have transported the world’s most sensitive equipment.

We design our products to work whenever and wherever you do. Straight from the toolbox, glove box, or tool belt, they offer peak performance with every use. We are waterproof lighting and equipment protection specialists, building each product to endure every climate and condition imaginable.


Hands-Free Lights

Hands-Free Lighting

Many of our powerful certified industrial lights can provide hands free lighting whether helmet mounted using one of our UK helmet clips or right-angle accessory.

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CPO Optics

New CPO Optics

Our new Compound Path Optics (CPO) technology provides a brighter, more narrow beam improving your visibility through dust, smoke, and murky water.

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 3C Light -GatorLite 3C eLED CPO

GatorLite 3C eLED CPO

More ergonomic, high-intensity, and smallest in its class, the new Gatorlite features CPO and TRS technology and the latest innovations in 3C hand light design.


UK Cases

Whether you need a waterproof case or a durable protective case, UK equipment cases are available in many sizes to offer extreme protection for your equipment.

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Safety Certifications

Intrinsically Safe lights

Working in hazardous locations demands industrial safety lights with the highest safety certifications.

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Helmet Clips

UK Helmet Clips

UK helmet clips create hands-free lighting! Our certified industrial lights will mount easily to American and European hard hats and helmets.

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