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Utility Lights

Utility Flashlights



Line work is safer and smarter with UK’s LitFinger™ illuminated disconnect hook, a radically improved version of a brass finger tool that attaches to any manufacturer’s hot stick with extension for hanging stick from aerial structures.



UK’s LitLink™ hotstick accessory light provides illumination when using hotstick accessories such as disconnect hooks, tie heads and hacksaws, etc.

Safety Certified Lights

Certified Lights

Certified for use in hazardous locations, these rugged certified lights help make your job safer.


Vizion™ I Headlamp

The 3AAA eLED® Vizion™ I Industrial headlamp fits on any hard hat or helmet with its unique rubber strap.

Safety Certified

We Thought Of Everything

Our specialty lights are designed to make your job easier.

Our lights are tough, small, waterproof, and even work in extremely cold weather. From the LitFinger and LitLink to our hands-free certified lights, these unique tools will help you perform the task at hand.

CPO Light Technology

Compound Path Optics

The unique design of the CPO reflector captures the light and focuses it into a brighter, and more narrow beam with almost no "spill light." This greatly improves your visibility through rain, snow, fog, smoke, and dust. The sharp cut off in light also prevents accidentally blinding others.

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Instrument Panel

Thermal Recovery System

TRS technology is based on the principle that warm batteries produce more power. Batteries in UK lights are heated by transferring the waste heat of the LED by means of a unique internal heatsink.

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