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Hands-Free Lighting

Hands-Free Light

UK Has A Hands-Free Solution For You!

Your job is faster and more efficient when you are able to use both hands. Holding a flashlight when attempting an important task is just not an option. The engineers at Underwater Kinetics understand the challenging and diverse jobs of our customers and their need for hands-free solutions. We’ve designed a versatile array of flashlight clips for helmets and hardhats of every type. Our aim is to illuminate your task while leaving your hands free to get the job done.

Vizion I - Industrial LED Headlamp

The 3AAA eLED® Vizion™ I Headlamp is the world's first and finest headlamp built specifically for utility, industrial, and refinery applications. The contoured rubber strap securely grips your hard hat, leaving your hands free for whatever your job demands. It provides bright illumination but is so lightweight you’ll barely notice it is there.

   Hands free lights

The 3AAA eLED® Vizion™ I Headlamp is also the first headlamp to have a rotation light and lens that moves up and down without the use of a plastic hinge so it is extra durable. Whatever challenges your work environment present, our waterproof, rugged 3AAA eLED® Vizion™ I Headlamp can take them, all the while providing bright, long-lasting light.

Also consider the 3AA eLED Vizion Z3 headlamp, the all-new, brighter version of the Vizion headlamp.


UK 2AAA Mini Pocket Lights

The UK2AAA eLED Mini Pocket Light and UK 2AAA Xenon Mini Pocket Light deliver such a remarkable amount of light you'll hardly believe it could be generated by such a compact, lightweight design. Both versions include a small clip that attaches to almost anything. Clip the 2AAA Mini Pocket Light to your baseball cap, hard hat, or bump cap and leave your hands free to get the job done. Our Mini Pocket Lights provide light when and where you need it.

4AA Right Angle Accessory

The 4AA Right Angle Accessory quickly attaches to the UK4AA Right Angle Xenon, UK4AA Right Angle eLED Zoom, and the UK4AA Right Angle eLED Zoom (ATEX) light. Once attached, it allows you to rotate the angle of the beam to perfectly place light on your work surface, leaving your hands free to work. If you’re working under the hood of a car, in a junction box, or any other challenging space, you want to be able to see what you're doing. The 4AA Right Angle Accessory offers hands free lighting on demand.


UK Helmet Clips

No matter what type of helmet or hard hat you use, UK has a clip to fit. Our certified flashlights such as UK3AAs, UK4AAs and Nitex® eLED® Rechargeable flashlight are designed to be helmet mounted, giving you a perfect hands-free solution.

UK Helmet Clips can be used to mount to most American and European helmets. Using our proprietary technology, UK helmet mountable lights are the smallest, lightest, brightest available.

Helmet Clips

American Helmet Clips

Choose from our line of helmet clips that fit American Fire Helmets and Hard Hats.

Safety Certified Lights

European Helmet Clips

UK also specially designs helmet clips for use on most European Fire Helmets.