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The Nitex® Pro

The Nitex® Pro. The world’s premiere firefighting light from UK.

UK is proud to introduce Nitex® Pro Rechargeable, the lightest and brightest flashlight in its class. Certified for use in Class 1 Division 2 hazardous locations, the Nitex® Pro is the premiere choice among helmet mounted lights for firefighters. The light was built to specifications requested by firefighters, including a helmet clip that allows the user to easily remove the light from the clip for use as a handheld light. This makes it an exceptionally flexible and versatile solution for lighting dangerous situations.

The light puts out an impressive 90 lumens in a tight, focused beam, and is exceptionally lightweight for how bright of a beam it produces. Nitex® Pro features UK’s proprietary Compound Path Optics (CPO) technology, which reduces glare and improves visibility in smoke-filled environments. As a further innovation, the light includes a special circuit which causes the beam to pulse briefly when the battery gets down to 10% capacity.

The Nitex® Pro is built in the USA with high impact ABS, LEXAN polyurethane rubber and aluminum construction for maximum durability – like all UK lights it will last for years. In spite of its small size, it is a truly rugged light that can withstand the hardest environments. Thanks to UK’s proprietary Thermal Recovery System (TRS), which recycles the heat from the LED to the batteries, the light also performs in very low temperatures, making it a truly all-weather light. Naturally, it is also fully waterproof.

The Compound Path Optics (CPO) technology creates a tight, focused beam that produces almost no peripheral light (or “spill light”), meaning nearby personnel are not affected by the light and it does not reflect back to the user from heavy smoke, particulate or water vapor. The Nitex Pro easily attaches to helmets or hard hats with a UK helmet mounting clip.

Nitex Pro Nitex Pro


Helmet Mounted Nitex Aims Better

Helmet Mounted Nitex Aims Better

For Helmet Mounted or Hand-Held Use

A reliable, versatile light is an essential tool for firefighters.

Sometimes the job requires the versatility of a handheld light. In this situation, right angle lights are difficult to take on and off from the bunker gear jacket. However, the Nitex Pro is designed to remove easily from the helmet for handheld use, such as checking for fuel leaks or looking into a tight confined space. It can be quickly reattached to the fire helmet with a one-handed motion – even when wearing a heavy-duty firefighting glove. The light also has a push-button switch, designed to be easy to turn on or off while wearing heavy gloves.

Single or Six Station Charging Stand

The Nitex® Pro Rechargeable is powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries. The light comes with a drop-in charger available as single station or six station that makes recharging simple and quick, fully charging the battery in less than four hours. An optional 12 VDC adapter is also available for the charger stand. In an emergency, the light can also be powered with 2 lithium CR123 cells.

The charging stands have a light indicator that is blue when power on, red when charging, and green when fully charged.

Nitex Pro Single and Six Station Charger

Helmet Mounted Nitex Aims Better

Helmet Mounted vs. Right Angle Lights

When hands-free lighting is required, helmet-mounted lights are preferable to chest-mounted right angle lights. While working a scene, a helmet-mounted light follows your eyes allowing you to illuminate where you are looking. Right angle lights bounce and bob when you approach, providing poorly directed light on the path in front of you. If you need to look up a stairwell or under an eave, a right angle light seldom points exactly in the direction you want, forcing you to contort your body to provide light where you need it. With a helmet-mounted light like UK’s Nitex® Pro Rechargeable, the beam will always travel with your eyes, letting you fully focus on the task without the distraction of repositioning your light.

Gear weight is another a major concern for firefighters. The Nitex Pro weighs ¼ the weight of a traditional right angle light, lightening your load.

The UK difference in Smoke

The often-cited downside to a helmet-mounted light is the frequent blinding of coworkers and surrounding personnel. Especially with other company's multiple LED band style lights, the light is disseminated indiscriminately, causing temporary blinding which is hazardous to everyone around you.

Traditional flashlight reflectors have a beam similar to the high beam on your car. The stray light which is not in the center beam bounces back at the driver in conditions such as fog, rain, snow, and smoke. Your high beams will also blind other drivers. UK CPO optics are built like the fog lights you find on your car. Similarly, our special CPO optics cut through these poor conditions and seldom cause a problem for others.

UK’s CPO system concentrates the light into a tight, focused beam. The user can control the beam to prevent shining it into the eyes of coworkers. As a secondary benefit, the CPO system dramatically reduces the amount of reflected glare created by smoke, steam, dust, and particulates in the air. Although no product can entirely cut through smoke, the Nitex® Pro Rechargeable helps you see further in compromised environments. It also makes the user easier to see for others in smoky conditions.


Nitex Pro Video