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The Light Cannon eLED

UK used its most advanced and innovative technologies to take the world’s most popular primary dive light and make it better. The Light Cannon eLED delivers over 1100 lumens with alkaline cells and 2100 lumens with the rechargeable battery pack, more than doubling the power of its HID predecessor. With some engineering breakthroughs, we also increased burn time by an impressive 4 hours, for a total of 9 well-lit hours of underwater exploration.

Turning night into day, the Light Cannon eLED's exceptionally bright, wide beam is perfect for scanning the reef at night or exploration of the interior of a wreck. It's like bringing the sun down there with you. The illumination provided by the side-optics LEDs also reach further than conventional lights with the same lumen rating.

Other features of this light include a non-breakable locking switch which prevents accidental activation and a heavy rubber over molded bezel which protects the light from harsh impacts. A Dovetail slot is built into the underside of the light allows for either pistol or lantern grip, as well as video arm. Because durability and long life is a hallmark of all UK lights, the toughest non-corroding composites and polycarbonate plastics were used along with HYRALUM in this dive light's construction.

Light Cannon Dovetail

Using the dovetail handle attachment either pistol or lantern grips can be attached as well as a photo arm.

Light Cannon eLED

The front lens is protected by a heavy rubber boot for drop protection.


Lumen Booster Technology

With Lumen Booster Technology

Designed for maximum performance underwater, the Light Cannon eLED dive light comes equipped with UK's pioneering “lumen booster” technology which does an amazing job removing heat from the LED, increasing both lumen output and burn time.

LED lights naturally generate a lot of heat but their efficiency drops the warmer they get. To maximize the efficiency of the LEDs while also delivering a high quality beam, the Light Cannon eLED attaches two high intensity LED arrays to a heat sink through the front lens called a Lumen Booster. By transferring heat directly from the LED array out into the water, UK's unique LED water cooling design delivers substantially more light underwater than it does in air. Built in electronic circuitry monitors light output to prevent overheating and offers the diver the option of both full power and battery saving modes.

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Light Cannon eLED Batteries

Several Battery Options

Powered by disposable alkaline batteries or rechargeable UK NiMH Upgrade kit.

Because it can run for 8 hours on eight universally available alkaline C-cells it has become the back bone of many commercial and consumer diving applications.

Besides the ease of changing out the batteries and resuming underwater operation in minutes, the slowly decreasing light output of these batteries give an hour of notice that they should be replaced. Also, because the batteries are changed, there is no worry about a rechargeable pack getting old. This light can be in storage for 10 years and then be brought out to use with a fresh set of batteries.

Also, the Light Cannon eLED has a full and half-power switch which can extend battery life even more.