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Dive Lights


Primary Dive Lights

Primary Lights

UK dive lights are known all over the world for their wide, penetrating beams. They enhance daytime dives and take the darkness out of night dives.

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Secondary Dive Lights

Secondary Lights

These versatile dive lights should be brought on every dive: during the day to see colors and explore under ledges and, at night, as a back-up light.

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UK Dive

Now That's a Light!

We're not saying they make good shark repellant...but still.

Kidding aside, you won't find a tougher line of dive lights out there. Every one we make is watertight to 500 ft / 150 m and made of non-corrosive ABS resin so you can be sure it will last you decades. In fact, it is not uncommon for divers to come across a barnicle covered, lost working UK light on the ocean floor.

Aside from keeping you safe, diving with a light can greatly enhance your visual experience. The deeper you go, the darker and less colorful it gets. Carrying a light will ensure that you see all the amazing colors of our marine life.

UK Technology

Our Unique Technology

UK's constant pursuit of technology keeps us ahead of our competitors. Many of our dive lights now feature our unique heatsinks that expel excess heat into the water. LEDs efficiency decreases with temperature. Our lights have the lowest temperature rise in the industry. More efficiency means more light and more run time on a set of batteries.

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Select a Dive Light

Find The Right Light For You

We've got it all...primary, secondary, technical and accessory dive lights. Not sure which one is right for you? Check out our guide to selecting the perfect light for your diving situation.

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CPO Light Technology

Compound Path Optics

The unique design of the CPO reflector captures the light and focuses it into a brighter and more narrow beam with almost no "spill light." This greatly improves your visibility through murky water. The sharp cut off in light also prevents accidentally blinding others.

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Rubber Coated Bezels

Rubber Coated Bezels

Our dive lights pass a drop test of 6 feet thanks to the extra step we take to coat the bezel modules with thick rubber. The rubber also provides a grip for opening the case and protects the lens of the light.

Safety Certified Lights

Polymers vs. Metal

You may be wondering why we choose to make our lights out of high tech polymers instead of metal like many of our competitors. The answer is simple. Metal lights can dent, chip and corrode over time. Polymers are much more durable in water and will last longer than any metal light.

Custom Imprinting

Custom Imprinting

Make a statement. Many UK lights can be customized with your event, club, company name or logo.

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