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UK Dive Knives - Designed To Last


Knives Blue Tang

Blue Tang

The Blue Tang is UK’s improved take on the classic, multi-functional dive knife. This full size dive knife comes as Blue Tang Titanium and Blue Tang HYDRALLOY™.

Knives Blue Tang


When you don’t want to notice you’re carrying a dive knife, wear our with our mid-size Fusilier HYDRALLOY™ model.

Knives Remora


The non-corroding Remora™ BC knife is the one emergency knife all divers should wear.This compact size dive knife comes as Remora Titanium and Remora HYDRALLOY™.


Dive Knives Built Strong for a Lifetime of Use

UK developed a superior grade of stainless steel and Full Tang Construction to produce the world's best small, medium, and large dive knife.

We patented our own HYDRALLOY® steel for a blade that is both strong and corrosion resistant where most competitors’ blades only offer one of those features.


Knives Features

Knives Titanium

Titanium NEVER Corrodes

We make our dive knives out of an aircraft grade of titanium alloy that is specially heat treated to remain tough enough for prying yet maintain a sharp edge. Our titanium knives will surprise you with how little they weigh. Unlike other brands of titanium knives, our pommels are also turned from titanium.
Knives Line Cutter

Line Cutter

We know that safety comes first so we built in a hooked edge for cutting through all types of rope and line. This is useful when a diver is snagged with monofilament fishing line.

Knives Pommel

Signal Pommel

In an emergency you can get the attention of your dive buddy by banging the knive pommel onto your tank. This comes in handy in emergency situations. The extra weight at the rear perfectly balances the knife in your hand.

Knives Remora Hose

Hose Bracket

UK boxes have strap slots molded onto the body ends for use with attachments. We also include molded hasp loops to padlock or tie the lids closed. This prevents contents from being surreptitiously removed.

Knives Choil

Full-Length Tangs

Quality knives are always built with a blade that runs the full length of the knife. This gives you increased strength when using it for prying tasks. Some knives have the blade stop at the handle, resulting in a weak point and most often, a broken knife.

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Knives Metal

No Metal To Metal Contact

When metal comes in contact with other metal, it conducts electricity and that causes corrosion. Our knives are some of the most durable because we avoid metal to metal contact in our designs.

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