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Reliable protection of personal electronics and delicate items from water and dust.

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The UltraBox™

Often your small gear and electronics are especially fragile and valuable.

These protective watertight outdoor boxes are made from high-impact ABS plastic which is extremely tough and resists scratches, dents and corrosion. They also have an automatic pressure equalization valve to insure easy opening after altitude or temperature changes. With its o-ring seal, the UltraBox™ is waterproof, airproof and moisture proof - providing the ultimate in light weight protection.

Tough, yet lightweight, and entirely waterproof, these hard protective carrying cases offer premium protection of small electronic equipment, sound equipment, photographic equipment like a camera or lenses, and delicate personal items.

  • Waterproof, moistureproof, airproof, and dustproof
  • Submersible to depths often exceeding 16 feet/5 meters
  • High Impact ABS, LEXAN, polyurethane rubber & stainless steel construction
  • Automatic pressure equalization valve insures easy opening after altitude or temperature change
  • Optional removable shock-absorbent rubber liner protects sensitive equipment
  • Optional nylon mesh lid pouch for storing accessories
  • Available with clear lid to view contents or solid lid to protect against light
  • Designed for mounting of an electronic panel in the lid or bottom of the case
  • Stackable, o-ring sealed, lanyard included

7 Sizes

    Internal Dimensions     External Dimensions Weight
  Model Length Width Depth Lid Base Length Width Depth
206 5.5 L x 3.5 W x 2.0 D in
14.0 L x 9.0 W x 5.0D cm
0.6 in 1.5 
1.4 in
3.5 cm
6.7 L x 4.7 W x 2.3 D in
17.0 L x 11.9 W x 5.8D cm
0.4 lbs
406 5.5 L x 3.5 W x 3.6 D in
14.0 L x 9.0 W x 9.0D cm
0.6 in 1
.5 cm
3.0 in
7.5 cm
6.7 L x 4.7 W x 3.9 D in
17.0 L x 11.9 W x 9.8D cm
0.5 lbs
207 6.7 L x 2.8 W x 2.2 D in
17.0 L x 7.0 W x 5.5 D cm
0.6 in
1.5 cm
1.6 in 4
.0 cm
7.9 L x 3.9 W x 2.4 D in
20.0 L x 9.8 W x 6.1 D cm
0.4 lbs
307 6.7 L x 2.8 W x 3.0 D in
17.0 L x 7.0 W x 7.5 D cm
0.6 in 1
.5 cm
2.4 in 6
.0 cm
7.9 L x 3.9 W x 3.2 D in
20.0 L x 15.0 W x 7.3 D cm
0.7 lbs
308 7.9 L x 4.7 W x 2.6 D in
20.0. L x 12.0 W x 6.5 D cm
1.0 in
2.5 cm
1.6 in
4.0 cm
9.1 L x 5.9 W x 2.9 D in
23.1 L x 3.73 W x 4.63D cm
0.7 lbs
312 11.5 L x 8.9 W x 3.1 D in
29.2 L x 22.6 W x 7.9 D cm
1.0 in
2.5 cm
2.1 in
5.3 cm
12.2 L x 10.4 W x 3.3 D in
31.0 L x 26.4 W x 8.4 D cm
1.9 lbs
408 7.9 L x 4.7 W x 4.0 D in
20.0 L x 12.0 W x 10.0 D cm
1.0 in
2.5 cm
3.0 in
7.5 cm
9.1 L x 5.9 W x 4.3 D in
23.1 L x 15.0 W x 10.8 D cm
0.9 lbs

Standard Features

Pressure Release

Pressure Release

Our proprietary pressure equalization system equalizes internal pressure only when latch is opened. Our boxes are uniquely air and water tight to 15 feet (5 meters) underwater.

Safety Latch

Safety Latch

UK’s UltraBox boxes have a proprietary spring loaded latch which remains tightly shut when dropped from up to 6 feet (2 meters). Most other brands fly open when dropped from half this height.


Custom Options

Safety Latch

Shock Absorbing Liner

Our unique rubber liners are ribbed to provide several times more shock protection than simple flat liners. The prevents damage to fragile items no matter what the box endures.

Safety Latch

Lid Options

Comes in solid or clear-view, polycarbonate lid option to easily identify interior contents.

Lid Pouch

Optional Lid Pouch

We offer a removable mesh lid-pouch that easily attaches to any UltraBox for extra storage and organization.



A nylon and rubber lanyard is included with each UltraBox to make hanging on to it easier. Slip it over your wrist and leave your hands free.