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UK Depth Tests

Posted by anonymous on Aug 7th, 2009
Tags: SL3, eLED
While we waited for the testing to be completed, we were allowed to view a field test for one of their ROV units. We were excited to see that they were using UK cases for their instrument panels!

Light Thief!

Posted by anonymous on Jul 27th, 2009
Tags: diving, eLED, video
Here’s an interesting story from a UK sure to watch the video

J2 Cave Exploration

Posted by anonymous on Jul 6th, 2009
Tags: Super Q, caving, eLED
The United States Deep Caving Team just completed their 3 month exploration of the J2 cave in the remote cloud forest of Ocotal, Mexico.

Underwater Kinetics Super Q eLED Selected by US Deep Caving Team for Record Deep Descent.

Posted by Jennifer Pangelinan on Mar 5th, 2009
Tags: caving, eLED
Underwater Kinetics announced today that its high intensity dive light, the Super Q eLED, has been selected for use by the United States Deep Caving Team while they attempt to set a new caving depth record of over 2,600 meters during the 2009 J2 Expedition taking place in early Spring of this year in southern Mexico.