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The New and Improved Mini Q40 MK2

 Underwater Kinetics is happy to introduce the brand new Mini Q40 MK2

Mini Q40 Dive Light Banner Underwater Kinetics

This is the latest release in our line of industry favorite dive lights to be upgraded to a cooler, brighter, and better version. 

We kept what people loved about the old Mini Q40 eLED and upgraded it to be even better. It still comes with a great mask strap attachement that makes it a wonderful choice for lobster hunting and all other diving activities where you need your hands free. 

The Mini Q40 MK2 produces a high of 250 lumens for a maximum runtime of 5 hours, as measured according to the FL1 Standard. It's rated waterproof to 150m or 500 feet.

It's still an incredibly reliable and easy light to use. It's powered by 4 AA batteries, with a long-life LED bulb and a robust ABS body design that will never corrode.

UK New Dive Light Best Travel Light

A robust push button rear switch is easy to operate even with heavy gloves. The light produces a bright, tight beam that helps light up cavernous areas, navigate wrecks, or see under crevaces and cliffs. 

Read more about the performance and specifications of the Mini-Q40 Mk2!

Posted by anonymous on January 3rd - 2017