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UK Introduces Three Great New Dive Accessories

Underwater Kinetics is happy to announce a group of awesome new dive accessories. 


The brand new Aqualite Travel Grip is a collapsible camera grip that can hold a compact underwater camera with up to 2 Aqualite Pro 100 Photo/Video lights. 

Now shipping with all Aqualite Pro 100 Photo/Video lights, and available as a separate accessory, the Aqualite Travel Grip is a compact, flexible and incredibly practical lighting tray for underwater photo or video. 

The grip is perfect for travel as it folds down to just under 2" in thickness, making it easy to slide into a backpack or even your pocket.

This grip will now ship standard with all Aqualite Pro 100 lights, and is also available as an accessory. 

The Travel Grip fits up to 2 lights and a camera. It folds down flat when not in use, making it easy to travel with. 

Aqualite Travel Grip fits any compact underwater camera with a standard 1/4-20" attachment point. 


The new Super BC/Regulator Hanger has a US Yoke and European DIN fittings for hanging your regulator. The hanger was created to make it easy for you to hang up all your gear in one spot. This great hanger supports up to 50lbs, and is suitable for all wet suits, scuba suits, and heavy turnout gear.


UK's Dive Beacon is now smaller and brighter. The beacon is now under 6" in length, making it super easy to carry with you on any dive.

The Dive Beacon helps you be seen at night by your fellow divers and your dive master with its red personal marker beacon.

New dive beacon personal scuba marker

Posted by anonymous on December 23rd - 2016