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Mallorcan Divers Explore Caves with UWK Lights

We have a fantastic user video this month, sent in by Skualo Dive Center in Mallorca, Spain.

They took a very cool group Sea Cave Exploration trip to Cova des Coloms. Swimming into crystal water lakes and exploring inside it full of stalactites and stalagmites!

With them they have the UWK Aqualite Pro 20 primary dive light, which is great for seeing into hard to reach places, and caving thanks to its bright, penetrating beam.

The cavers also carried Vizion I headlamps, which are waterproof and wonderfully easy to use for when a lightweight hands-free light is needed. See their video below!


Visit to see all their adventure options and be sure to pay them a visit when you are next in Mallorca! 


Posted by anonymous on November 2nd - 2016