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New UK Light Cannon L1 Available!

The legendary UK Light Cannon has now been updated to a new brighter, stronger, and better Light Cannon eLED L1

Producing a massive FL1 verified 2100 lumens on high power, the new Light Cannon is the brightest, most badass dive light of 2016.

Already selected as 2016's best dive light by one review group, this is the light you want on you when you need to light up a reef, see around you on a night dive, or explore a cave system with confidence. It's also fantastic for exloring the interiors of wrecks, and other hard to see areas.

Select from the classic Pistol Grip, or the Lantern Grip for the configuration that best fits your diving style. 

Light Cannon Brightest Dive Light

The tough composite construction of the light is guaranteed to not corrode even in heavy diving use, and the workmaship is as always covered by the UWK Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

Upgrade the C-cell Light Cannon to the Rechargeable edition to unleash all the maximum lumens this light can produce. The rechargeable battery pack consists of a NiMH battery, the same kind used in a Prius, which can last for up to 10 years with proper care and is also airline safe in both checked and carry-on baggage.  

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Posted by anonymous on October 1st - 2016