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UK Light Cannon Selected the Best Dive Light of 2016

It's happened again - a UK light has got top honors at a comparative analysis of dive lights. 

This time it's the legendary Light Cannon eLED. This ultra bright primary light was choses as 2016's best dive light by EZVid in their analysis of all the top lights across several categories.

Light Cannon eLED Large Brightest Dive Light

Along with the Light Cannon, they also highlighted the Mini Q40 as their favorite light in the "Mid Range" category. UK's ever popular SL4 eLED L1 was also honored as the number 3 light on their list.

EzVid's goal is the highlight the best products across several categories in an informative video, as well as publish easy to read lists of their analysis.

Of the Light Cannon they write :

"The Underwater Kinetics eLED Light Cannon will bring light to the darkest depths and will easily illuminate underwater caves, wrecks and reefs, even with a total absence of ambient sunlight or supporting torches". 

While Mini Q 40 gets lauded for its versatility. 

"The UK Mini Q40 eLED Plus may be a dive light at heart, but it's also perfect to keep in your glove box or nightstand, thanks to its decent beam and 4+ hour burn time, not to mention the light's compact size".

See the whole list and video here

Posted by anonymous on September 20th - 2016