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The Wonders of Glow Diving - Underwater Fluorescence in the British Virgin Islands

While enjoying some liveaboard diving in the British Virgin Islands this May, Barry and Ruth Guimbellot decided to check out the reef one night after dinner with the new UK Aqualite Pro UV heads. 

"Wow, the experience was immediately noticeable and incredible. The 395 nm lights do not require a mask or camera filter, so we could see corals fluorescing in every direction and from quite a distance away", Barry described the experience.

He continued, "It was so much fun to explore and to see what would fluoresce and what would not. We saw several different hard corals, encrusting sponges, a Caribbean spiny lobster and 3/16” diameter bright red crab that was standing on a fluorescing hard coral. "

"For fun, we would occasionally turn on our Aqualite with the visible LED head to see what the coral really looked like."


Our thanks to Barry and Ruth was this footage! Try it out yourself! 

Learn more about undersea fluorescence on our UV Diving page.

Posted by Arto Jaakkola on July 8th - 2015