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The Stunning Colors of UK's Aqualite UV Light

The latest innovation from Underwater Kinetics' diving division was on show at the recent DEMA show in Orlando, Florida - new UV dive light options.

Certain marine life respond to UV light with splendid shows of color.  Different shades (wavelenghts) of UV light often bring different results, so we offer two different models.

The Aqualite eLED UV-395 and SL4 eLED UV-455 each have their unique UV light shades, with the SL4 option having a bluer color, while the Aqualite UV head is more violet. The Aqualite shade is almost invisible to your eyes, but it produces the most spectacular results, as seen in the video below.

This video was shot by Steve Broadbelt of Ocean Frontiers in the Cayman Islands using an Aqualite eLED UV-395 and the Aqualite eLED 65° video light.




Posted by Arto Jaakkola on November 20th - 2013