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Beamguide - An Advanced Fiber Optic Attachment Tool

UK is proud to announce its latest innovation in the field of industrial lighting - the Beamguide.

Available in two sizes, the Beamguide is a fiber optic inspection tool that attaches to UK's 2AAA Penlight, and 2AAA Mini Pocket Light, as well as other 7/8 inch diameter lights. It is the leading fiber optic attachment in the field, using beam concentrator technology to channel light for a significant increase in brightness compared to other similar tools.

UK Fiber Optic Beamguide

When working in a cramped space, like engine work or small parts assembly, the Beamguide allows you to direct the light to the exact spot you want it, even if that spot is not directly in front of you. Inspection work or confined space work becomes a breeze with the UK Beamguide's low-profile fiber optic cable, which can channel light into hard to reach areas without obstructing your view.

It is ideal for bore inspection, revealing circuit board damage, or troubleshooting intricate mechanisms. The Beamguide is also very suitable for electrical applications due to its non-conductive, non-magnetic resin and rubber construction, and the non-corrosive materials also make it suitable for wet environments.

For more information, view the Beamguide product page on our website.