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Underwater Kinetics announces their newest innovations sporting the latest in LED technology

UK remains at the forefront of the dive light industry with new designs utilizing new advances in LED technology

Poway, CA –Using significant proprietary advances in LED technology, Underwater Kinetics (UK), the world’s leading manufacturer of dive lights, introduces more efficient and compact designs, offering divers superior performance with higher lumen counts and longer burn times.

Light Cannon eLED:

Light Cannon eLED

UK’s newly designed Light Cannon eLED replaces the retiring Light Cannon HID, long considered the industry’s leading dive light. The new Light Cannon eLED’s lumen output nearly doubles the older version with over 820 lumens, while also increasing burn time by an impressive 4 hours. Additionally, the new Light Cannon eLED comes equipped with UK's pioneering “lumen booster” technology which removes more heat from the LED, increasing both lumen output and burn time.

The new Light Cannon eLED is also a more budget friendly dive light than its predecessor; the light retails for under $200 and can be used with both traditional alkaline or rechargeable batteries which offers further price savings.


Also being released is an upgraded version of UK's most popular 4 c-cell dive light, the SL4 eLED; both lights sport new innovations and a new look to keep pace with the latest trends in diving.


The compact light boasts over 400 lumens, tripling the output of its predecessor, yet is still rated to 500 feet, emitting a narrow penetrating beam for scanning ledges and switches easily with the thumb or index finger. And with its compact size, lighter weight and longer burn time, the SL4 eLED is perfect for back-up as a secondary light, for personal safety, or for the traveling diver.

“This is the light you should carry on every dive–day or night. You look under ledges, into holes, or check the true colors of marine life, even if you never dive at night,” says Alan Uke, President of Underwater Kinetics. “There are many divers whose lives have been saved when they were swept out to sea or forgotten by their dive boat, later to be rescued at night when they were found by their SL4.” Although slightly more expensive, the improved performance – and peace of mind that accompany it – easily outweighs the extra pennies.

HID vs. LED Technology

The incredible intensity and high color temperature of HID lighting which caused a major upwelling of excitement in underwater lighting is being surpassed by next generation LED lighting. The fragile glass HID lamp has been replaced by rock solid LED semiconductor construction. Best of all the increased luminous efficiency has more than doubled the brightness.

“Although LEDs are presently only available in systems up to around 35 watts, LEDs offers higher efficiencies, as well as improved life and ruggedness over HID,” says Alan Uke, President of Underwater Kinetics. “This means LED can work great for consumer applications and small industrial systems, but when a large area needs to be lit, HID would be required as it can handle thousands of watts.”

About Underwater Kinetics

UK is the world’s largest manufacturer of dive lights, proudly making all its products in the U.S.A. UK has been revolutionizing the handheld lighting industry for the last 41 years, starting with the invention of the first high-powered, small flashlight. UK continues to create the most cutting-edge technology. Its lights are famous for their legendary durability and superior performance.

To find out more about UK, visit or call (858) 513-9100 ext. 244.

Posted by Amie Uke on July 14th - 2011