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UK releases LITLINK high-intensity LED light for power linemen which can be inserted inline with any hotstick tool.

UK announced the introduction of the LitLink - a hot stick illumination accessory for electrical utility, telecommunication workers and arborists. It provides broad illumination to the work area at night or in low light conditions.

When placed between the hot stick and any of a variety of hotstick tools (e.g., disconnect finger, wire tie tool, pruning equipment, bulb changers, wire brush cleaner, fuse removers, etc.) LitLink's built-in LED casts a bright light directly on the work area. This enables linemen and other professionals to work more efficiently and safer in dark or unlighted areas.

The lightweight all aluminum LitLink has a universal spline attachment at each end, enabling it to fit rigidly between a hotstick and any tool which would normally be used on the end of the stick. A one-watt battery powered white LED is sealed inside the LitLink and provides nearly 180 degree illumination around the tool.

“Designed for utilities and telecommunication companies, LitLink is ideal for any stick application from pruning trees, changing bulbs, removing fuses, doing wire ties, to many other common jobs,” said Walter Kaihatu, president of UK International. “LitLink's powerful beam fully illuminates the work area, making traditionally difficult and time-consuming tasks significantly easier.”

LitLink can also be used as a general work area light. No matter how it is used, it frees up linemen from having to struggle to illuminate a work area adequately. Built to take a beating, LitLink is designed to deliver the same rugged reliability linemen have come to expect from UK International. LitLink incorporates the latest in electronics, optics and LED technology and in tests, LitLink has proven to be as durable as LitFinger and the ideal tool for many operations linemen perform beyond replacing cutouts and resetting breakers.

LitLink has a durable aluminum body and is extremely light (7.3 oz. with batteries) so linemen won't feel the weight of it on the end of their hot sticks.

“LitLink is an essential addition to any lineman's suite of tools. No matter what the job being performed or the tool being used, LitLink will allow linemen to work more safely and efficiently,” added Walter Kaihatu.

Posted on February 17th, 2006

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