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UK introduces LitFinger LED Light which allows power linemen to reset high voltage fuses more safely and efficiently

UK announced the release of the LitFinger - a special utility light, which combines the function of a "finger" tool with a built-in high intensity LED light. It is used on an electrically insulating hot stick in dark or unlighted areas when changing out high voltage fuses on electrical poles. Designed by linemen for linemen, LitFinger is both lightweight and durable with its all aluminum construction. LitFinger provides linemen with unparalleled illumination compared to truck-mounted spotlights or handheld flashlights which quickly loose intensity due to foul weather, or shadows cast by power lines, tree limbs, and underbrush.

Key benefits of LitFinger include:

  • It has a bright, one-watt LED light, ensuring that the work area is fully illumined - without any shadows.
  • It's extremely light (6.8 oz with batteries), so linemen won't feel the weight of LitFinger on the end of their hot sticks.
  • It has a lightweight aluminum body and durable design, making it virtually unbreakable.
  • It's water and heat resistant and withstands a 3000 volt arc test, protecting the safety of users
LitFinger has been in beta testing at a number of large utilities, and the initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Orlando Utilities noted, "Traditional lights cast shadows, but LitFinger puts the light exactly where it is needed. It is an excellent tool with a bright light and eliminates the need for a handheld light." Rudy Draughn at Pike Electric said, "Everyone who saw LitFinger thought it was an idea whose time had come. It will be an excellent tool for nighttime assignments and for use during storms."

Conceived by linemen who know first hand the challenges of working on fuse boxes and developed with engineers at UK, LitFinger proved to be incredibly durable. Hugh Hoagland, president of, the leader in product testing for the utility industry, subjected LitFinger to a number of rigorous tests, including placing the product directly in the path of a 35,000-degree arc blast. "I was extremely impressed by LitFinger's performance. This is a phenomenal tool for working on fuse boxes," said Mr. Hoagland. "Even after being exposed to a 35,000-degree arc blast, the LED still cast a bright beam." "Working on fuse boxes has long been one of the most difficult jobs for linemen. LitFinger is a technological giant step forward that makes truck-mounted spotlights obsolete and shines light directly on the work area - without shadows, adjustments, headaches, or hassles," noted Alan Uke, president of UK.

Posted on September 1st, 2005

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