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UK gives a repeat performance with the 4AA Rechargeable Flashlight

UK announced today the release of the UK4AA Rechargeable, a compact incandescent flashlight. The 4AA is the world's best selling helmet light used extensively in the First Response, Utility and Government markets.

Customers who have come to depend on UK's 4AA flashlights for its brightness, ergonomics and durability now have an option to use the rechargeable flashlight. The UK 4AA Rechargeable can be mounted securely in a vehicle, on a hard hat or fire helmet, carried in a belt pouch or used to direct traffic, which is useful for confined space workers, utilities, municipalities, firefighters, safety inspectors, and other related professionals.

The waterproof UK 4AA Rechargeable is the first light in its class to feature high-capacity nickel metal hydride cells -- typically found in laptop computers and cell phones – providing the highest capacity of any small flashlight. It also utilizes a drop-in-charging stand, which offers an adjustable tension latch for stationary or mobile use. The charger can be vehicle mounted vertically or horizontally and powered directly by the automobile's electrical system. Users can adjust the tension to securely hold the flashlight in a rugged or vibrating environment. Charging time is 1.5 hours and lasts for two hours.

"Many of our customers depend on the 4AA and wanted a rechargeable option. UK responded by providing both a rapid and standard charge, as well as a vehicle charge option," said Alan Uke, president of UK. "The rechargeable version validates UK's commitment to its leadership in this class of lights."

Independently, the UK 4AA Rechargeable was reviewed by giving it 4.5 stars, and said, "The UK 4AA Rechargeable is a very solid little light with very good output. "Industrial quality" is the way it is designed and way that it functions. The fact that it can use any of the various 5V lamp assemblies designed for the other 4AA models is just icing on the cake. Add in the hazardous location ratings and you've got another winner from Underwater Kinetics."

The UK 4AA Rechargeable is designed to use the Unilite right-angle head - flash clip system (soon to be released). The light works with Xenon and LED lights, is actuated by a snap-action thumb switch for easy activation, can be submersed up to 10 feet and has a non-conductive, non-corroding ABS/polycarbonate case. A wide array of accessories include helmet mounts for all hard hats, police style belt holsters, traffic director wand, auto charge adapters and a 1-watt white LED or 2-watt xenon replacement lamp module.

Posted on August 4th, 2004