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The light that seems to last forever

The following email was received from a customer regarding the UK400 which has now been replaced by the Sunlight D4.

I feel compelled to write this note to tell a short story about one of your products.

About five years ago I took my oldest son on his first dive with me following his certification. While on this dive, he found a UK400 dive light. It was covered with silt and mud from lying on the lake bottom for who knows how long. He wiped the muck from the lens and the switch and turned it on. And, to our surprise it worked! Fast forward to October 2002. It was then that my son and some friendsfoolishly took a small boat out on the Kiamichi River here in southeastern Oklahoma where the river runs across our property. They turned the boat over dumping everything they had with them, including the UK400 dive light, into the river. Last Friday, May 2, 2003, I returned to the area to again look for things. The river had dropped to a level lower than it had been since October and I thought I might recover something. About 30-40 yards downstream, caught in the base of a bush was that dive light. It was once again covered with muck but I wiped it off a bit and hit the switch. After six months in the river it lit up once again! I am sold! With first hand experience like this, I will always trust Underwater Kinetics to light up my dives.

Thanks for building an excellent product.


Posted on May 12th, 2003

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