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CASE CLOSED. UK International's UltraCase®, the toughest case in the world, gets a makeover.

UK International has announced its new line of all environment protective cases, the UltraCase®. Its original collection of Dry Cases has long been relied upon to protect valuable equipment under the most difficult conditions. Now UK International, also known as Underwater Kinetics, has entirely redesigned this classic, making it a must for protecting virtually any portable equipment, test instrumentation, emergency gear, safety equipment, dive gear, photographic equipment, boating instrumentation, and other travel-sensitive items.

The introduction of the UltraCases marks a significant strategic move for the company. UK has invested considerable resources to completely reengineer and redesign its entire case line of 19 cases. An important feature of the UltraCase® line is the new auto-venting latch (patent pending) which automatically equalizes the pressure differential inside the case when opened and seals the case against gas exchange when closed. In addition, the cam action mechanism of the latch allows for easy operation, yet secure closure of the cases. Other improvements include a reinforced full width hinge, external stiffening ribs and an oversized rubber padded folding handle. A hollow silicone rubber main seal o-ring resists taking a "set" with age and seals out water, dust, rain, mud, humidity, sand, salt, air, ozone, carbon monoxide, and many corrosive gases. All cases can be submerged in water to at least 1 meter. Loops for padlock or security seals are also included.
"The UltraCase® has been UK's flagship case and customer favorite since its introduction. We have improved upon this classic, making it more durable, attractive, and affordable," said Walter Kaihatu, president of UK International. "Now demanding professionals can have the best protection for their gear whether it's for the dive, outdoor, marine, industrial and utility, law enforcement, military, medical, or hazardous materials industries."

Made out of UKtekmat 1.0™, UK's proprietary non-corroding engineering grade ABS plastic blend the new UltraCases are virtually indestructible and incredibly durable. With its tough exterior, rigid walls, stainless steel hinge pins and hollow silicone rubber O-ring seal, the UltraCase is impact resistant and hard to dent and scratch. UltraCases will even float if dropped overboard.

The materials used in the UltraCases make it possible for them to perform in the most demanding conditions, from withstanding repeated drops onto concrete to performing better under cold conditions than any other material used in injection-molded cases. Since UltraCases are less likely to break or scuff in extreme temperatures, they look attractive even after years of demanding use.

A hidden advantage of the UKtekmat 1.0 ABS resin is that the cases can be easily be customized through machining and solvent welding.  In the unlikely event that an UltraCase® is damaged, it  can be repaired with off-the-shelf ABS cement.

"If you run a fingernail over competitive products, they will probably scratch and dent. With the UltraCase®, you can file your nails on the case and nothing will happen to it," added Mr. Kaihatu.

UK UltraCases are RoHS compliant for use in products shipped into the European Union. In addition, the silicone o-ring seal will pass a one meter submergence test (IP 67), the resin is rated HB (UL 93) for flammability and the range of sizes meet most airlines' carry-on regulations.

"The UltraCase® line has been one of our most popular products because of its rugged design and thoughtful features. Now customers can enjoy a carrying case that will look attractive regardless of how it's treated, while feeling confident that their equipment is completely protected," added Alan Uke, CEO of UK.

Available in black, grey, and yellow, UltraCases can also be special ordered in blue, orange, and other custom colors. A minimum order is required for any custom colored case.

The UltraCases can be purchased through authorized UK International dealers. For more information contact UK International directly for the nearest sales representative at 800-852-7483 or

Posted on July 26th, 2006

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